Multimedia equipment includes glass cutters, glass grinders, soldering (for stained glass), Bernina sewing machine, surger, airbrush tools and compressors, vacuum framing machine, mat cutter, and any other tools or machinery you’d like to introduce to the space.


-Graphic design terminal with large Wacom tablet and ADOBE suite
-Stained Glass 
-All Expected Handheld Power tools
-All Expected Hand Tools
-Free On Site Materials
-Other Materials Available For Purchase

We offer memberships, as well as private studio spaces available for members who require their own space. 
Also included in membership is access to metal shop, multi-discipline art studios, engineering and electronics lab.
Private studio memberships are available for a separate monthly fee. 

Marketing and entrepreneurial growth resources bundled in memberships include marketing and selling your art on our website, at our markets, and bolstering your craft within our community. Internal work trades available and encouraged between members.