Alaric Emery

Alaric Emery has spent his whole life drawing but in the past two years, he’s developed his signature painting style recognizable from miles away.
Al describes his creative process as being like “looking at clouds,” where he’ll start with soft, geometrical abstractions, intuitively enhancing them into figures distinguished by bold outlines and brilliant colors.
The risky permanence of sharpies has been a favorite medium of his for years, but he’s expanded his palette to incorporate acrylic, spray paints, and paint markers.
Al finds inspiration in dreams, spirituality, symbology, numbers, and his line-work is reminiscent of Indigenous Haida art, which typically depicts wildlife of the Pacific Northwest using similar geometric styles.
In mid-April, Al joined Past Lives LLC, excited to have his own studio space. “I want to be making art as much as I can and do it in a way that’s connecting with and helping people.” 
Along with his personal craft, Al has assisted in painting several murals across the Portland metropolitan area and is eager to do more.

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